San Andreas Police Department


What can we offer YOU?

Central Patrol Unit

CPU is our main department inside SAPD. CPU handles all 911 calls, traffic stops etc.

Detectives Bureau

Detectives Bureau handles all homicides, suicides, robberies etc.

Special Weapons And Tactics

SWAT handles all raids, hostage situations etc.

Our differences

Here you can see one of our biggest accompliments
SAPD, serves to protect the the citizents of San Andreas State.

Here you can see one of the things, we're most proud of changing since 2010.

  • We're proud that we can say that drug sell's have went down with 25% since 2010.

  • We're proud that we can say that, rapes have fallen down with 91% less since 2010.

  • We're proud that we can say that, homicides have fallen down with 43% less since 2010.

  • We're proud to say that, gun sales have fallen down with 17% since 2010, and still counting.

High Command Team

Here you can see, the High Command Team, who is running SAPD.

Brian Waltman

Chief of Police
Chief of Police Brian Waltman, #1000. Been in office since 2014.

Antonio Morano

Deputy Chief
Antonio Morano, Deputy Chief, #1001. Second in command, in charge of all divisions.

Tony Crouch III

OOS Commander
Commander of everything. Commanding Officer of all Divisions, choosers their leaders, assistants etc.

Daniel Ford

Daniel Ford is Training Bureau Commanding Officer.

Kallie Morano

Soon to be Captain.
She’s currently on her Trial Period for CPU.

Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon is Captain of CPU along with Kallie Morano.

Rob Patterson Jr

Senior Field Sergeant
SWAT Commanding Officer

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